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AUSMAT Vanuatu returns home

The first group of Territorians and Victorians deployed to Vanuatu to assist in the recovery following Tropical Cyclone Pam have returned home.

Fourteen Territorians and 13 Victorian members of the Australian Medical Assistance Team (AusMAT) were the first Australians deployed to the disaster zone just days after the cyclone hit.

Members of the AUSMAT played a key role on the ground in Vanuatu, and were critical to the immediate recovery mission. Twenty-seven Territorians and Victorians formed the AusMAT and spent up to 14 days in country.

The AusMAT worked closely with staff at the main hospital in Vanuatu's capital, Port Vila, and treated 1341 patients during the deployment.

Since their arrived on the island the AUSMAT assisted with the delivery of 92 babies. One parent even named their baby boy Paul after one of the team members, Dr Nick Coatsworth, NCCTRC Executive Director, said.

The Darwin-based National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre has been at the forefront of the recovery efforts and have been working hard here in the Territory following Cyclone Lam and in Vanuatu following Cyclone Pam to ensure operations run smoothly.